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About A Stronger Faith

Scores of people that you encounter every day have had some kind of experience they would describe as the unmistakable presence and movement of God, yet people do not speak of these experiences openly in daily life. Not sharing these experiences gives the illusion that God doesn’t exist, or that He isn’t active in our world today, which simply isn’t true. A Stronger Faith changes that. We seek out, recruit, and share stories in conversations with everyday people about the profound movement of God in today’s world. The conversations of A Stronger Faith that discuss these experiences deeply challenge doubts about the existence of God, cause people to explore the truth of the spiritual life, and open doors for God to draw people to Himself. Our mission is to build God's kingdom by revealing the active presence of God in the world today through the experiences of everyday people.


Stacy McCants 

A corporate executive for more than 20 years, Stacy followed a calling to share faith and serve in this role as an agent for God to draw people to Himself.

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